about me

Be present and be pleasant

— my mantra

I am a mom of 2 (Nixon who is 2.5 and Otis who is 1… I know, I know what was I thinking?). I went to school in Boston, Florida, and NYC and graduated from FIT with a fashion degree. I live in Mattapoisett, MA and work Monday – Thursday in marketing, but the work really happens when I’m not at the office. My family and I really enjoy family time and making the most of the time we are together, and while we’re doing that ain’t nobody got time to:

  • clean their house
  • make dinner every night, and while you’re at it, make 5 dinners for each picky eater in your family!
  • make sure their kids eat gf, vegan, kale smoothies or whatever other trend is happening out there
  • keep up with the laundry
  • work out everyday
  • talk about their skin care routine on blast
  • have the newest clothes, furniture/decor, toys
  • organize
  • travel
  • etc, etc, etc…
    • Hence: chardonnay

I have a couple of mom group texts going on CONSTANTLY to chat about feats, DEfeats and everything in between. Food is always the Achilles heel… what diet is working for us, what we feed the kids, which kid is boycotting eating, and ideas on what to cook, that are fast, easy and that the kids WILL EAT. It just got me thinking, if this is an ongoing convo for me and my friends, I can’t be the only one having this problem (insert thinking “hmmmm” emoji).

So I’m jumping in on the trendy “blogger” band wagon and taking my sister Ashleigh with me, (because she’s the better cook, her daughter is seriously the cutest, and who has the time to do anything by themselves?). We will be sharing meals that we make that our kids ACTUALLY eat using normal ingredients that most of us pick up regularly at the grocery store and are quick, use the least amount of pots and pans (because washing dishes is time consuming and if you add one more thing to my husband or I’s daily to-do list we’re going to lose it), and low cal for us “bigs” trying to keep it “little” over here. (I really feel like I should mention I’ve never used so many “quotes” in my life).

Things I most likely won’t talk about…

  • My skincare routine, because that means you have to have one to talk about it.
  • How self care is so important, when in reality my version of self care is taking a shower with no littles in the bathroom with me, and it gives me just enough energy to conquer the day.
  • Pretending I do anything that looks somewhat ambitious by myself. Seriously, the bloggers/influencers that look perfect, travel every month, and live in mansions make me seriously question what I’m doing in my life. Unfollow.
  • Traveling – don’t get me wrong, we do weekend trips, but I’m not maxing out credit cards to make my life look any different than what it is. Plus if you think I’m sitting on a plan with my kids for 48 hours to get to some remote island just so I can take pictures that look like we’re thriving, when in reality my kids are off schedule, miserable, and hungry because they don’t have chicken nuggets all to gain 5 followers and look like I have a lot of money, you’re NUTS!

Side eye and side note: I am just a normal girl keeping it real. I am not a nutritionist or doctor, even though I wish I was because I would be making a lot more money and would have a lot more time to talk about the above “most likely won’t talk abouts”. The only experience I have is that my 2 children, husband, dog and I are all still alive and are happy. Also, if you don’t like to laugh, are annoyed by incorrect grammar/run on sentences, or are super judgmental you should probably find another blog to follow because real just took on a whole new meaning. This ain’t your mamas mommy blog.

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