don’t cry over spilled milk

Ok, ok before you go on judging me for taking a picture of my kid when he’s clearly upset because he spilled his milk, can we all agree that his cry face is picture worthy??

Now that we got that over with… I just wanted to share my theory on eating in general. Food is supposed to be enjoyed and is supposed to nourish you, however when you’re Nixon (featured above) and you’re 2 and a half, you want to do anything BUT eat. Enter: the angry mom, who just wants her kids to live another day. Although, I post about food for the “minis” what’s best for them is to have a positive experience with food, to try different things, and to go to bed with a full belly.

That being said, sometimes your efforts go unappreciated, whether it’s the kids that won’t eat it, or your partner that’s just not feelin’ it. This is why God invented his juice… Drink it, and just keep telling yourself, today I may have been defeated, but tomorrow when they go to daycare/school and open up their lunchbox, they are going to see their dinner that they didn’t touch and will remember that I WILL ALWAYS WIN! Victory will always be ours, whether it’s switching up a meal they didn’t touch one night and giving it to them in a different way, or offering it to them again the next day. We will always win. And when we don’t… God’s juice, ladies and gents, God’s juice.

Chin chin.

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