meet my sister

This is my OLDER sister, Ashleigh. She is hilarious, her kids are so cute and good, she kills it in the kitchen with both cooking and baking, and she is an amazing mom, wife, and friend. She inspires me everyday from her effortless fashion throw togethers, to her home decor, to her organizational skills. She also pisses me off because she somehow seems to work full time, cook dinner every night, have perfect kids, and a husband/baby daddy that does the dishes, vacuums AND does the laundry. She’s that girl that always has an open door policy, asks you if your hungry, whips up your faves, and makes you feel comfortable in her home and presence no matter what is going on in her life.

That being said, here are some negatives about her to make you (and me) feel normal and to bring her back down to earth after that intro:

  • she’s a horrible singer (super mono toned)
  • she’s equally as horrible of a driver… basically needs to get new breaks every other month
  • she cries at the drop of a dime
  • she’s a repeat story teller
  • she literally doesn’t stop talking

My sister plays a huge hand in and in my actual life. So it would feel weird to not give her her own page singing such a small percentage of her praise.

xo sista, stay perfect!

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