My Food Philosophy

So I follow a lot of blogs, 18 actively to be exact. Its my hobby and my guilty pleasure. I love collecting cook books and looking through all the pages, the pictures and marking the recipes that sound great. If I could spend hours in the kitchen I would, it is my safe space, it’s where I get the most clarity, it’s what I do when I’m stressed. I think about food, I cook food, I make lists about what food I want to make. It’s cooking and true crime podcasts that keep me sane, but that’s a whole other blog.

That being said I don’t have time for all of that, I work full time have two kids and a lot of running around. So I browse and make things that work. My kids eat what we eat, yes I do make plates look a little different, but there is no way in hell I am making two dinners!
Disclaimer: My children are very good eaters. My son has always been, he knows what good wholesome food is and loves it, it never took much effort with him, if I told him it was good he tried it. My almost two year old is following that as well (although she is testing the limits)…however I do have rules around meal time that I live by and feel like this is helpful:

  1. We eat together. Ok I know this can’t happen all of the time, but try as often as you can, there are so many studies on this and how helpful it is when teaching your children healthy eating
  2. No distractions. TV, phone, iPad. This is when you are eating together, again not saying all the time just when it’s family time.
  3. It’s ok to not like something. I will never forget when I tried to force my son roasted butternut squash down his throat and he straight gagged, I thought to myself oh god I am awful. I don’t like certain foods why should they like all foods?
  4. If what their eating is not their favorite, they should stay at the table until we are ALL done.
  5. Snacks after can still happen just a healthy one and not dessert

The way I cook is I want/try to make all I can from scratch. I like knowing exactly what I am eating and how it’s being prepared. And no this does not take hours and I do have plenty of shortcuts. I try and feed myself and family as healthy as I can at home. I eat foods as fresh as I can and stay on the edges of the grocery store, not a lot of packaging. Please don’t judge me, I’m normal I swear I LOVE Taco Bell and pizza rolls, which is why I try and cook this way because you need balance.

** This Blog post was written by Ashleigh (my sister) but I totally support the above mantra on eating and try to hold those same rules and values in my house.

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