Corona Chaos

If I were to die, it wouldn’t be from Coronavirus…

Kelsey May Chardonnay Circa COVID-19 Outbreak 2020

I literally don’t know where to start… I am almost 2 weeks into working from home with 2 kids under 3 (while my husband has to go into work) and it’s crazy town up in here. Here are some highlights from the last 2 weeks:

Be kind

Some things I have to keep reminding myself while being quarantined with a 1 year old, almost 3 year old, and a dog while trying to work from home with a husband who has to go into work everyday because his work is deemed “essential”…

  • Working from home with kids or taking care of a loved one is nearly impossible without help!!
  • We all have baggage – mine happens to be very cute and cuddly baggage who will flip on me at the drop of a hat (or veggie straw)
  • Sometimes it’s easy to compare yourself to someone else having it more difficult or easier, but everyone is coping differently. I always daydream how great it would be to be my single friend, Caitlin, alllllll alone, alllll byyyy myyyselllffffff… Secrets out!
  • Be kind and be patient – there is a learning curve during this time with technology, not everyone can jump onto a virtual call like nothing, help a sista or coworker out when you can.
  • On the reverse, be social. I’ve gone for so many walks and people don’t even make eye contact. It’s ok to talk to someone or smile, let’s leave the distance physically and connect emotionally.
  • Don’t be so hard on yourself. We are all doing the best that we can, and sometimes (all the time) a good cry can do the body good! Our kids are not going to die if they don’t sing the ABC’s for 24 hours, just take it easy and try your best.
  • Stop looking at that overachievers Instagram. She may look like she has it all together with her 12 kids, gorgeous figure and husband, but the truth is she probably has no personality, or if she does, her toes are probably really gross… You CAN’T have it all and if it looks like someone does, UNFOLLOW. Ain’t nobody got time for that!
  • Keep a routine and schedule – not just for your kids, but for YOU! The first week was tough and a lot of trial and error for me (IT’S STILL TRIAL AND ERROR), but the second week I started treating it like a normal work week. I got the kids ready like I was dropping them off at school and going into work. We all got dressed, fed, and hopped in the car. Instead of going to school we went to look for horsies and grab mamma a coffee before jumping into work mode.

Don’t judge, just drink

By no means am I trying to give advise, I just want people to feel normal and if I can do that for one person, then this post was worth it. Guys, we got this! And if yesterday was TORTURE don’t bring that into today. Each day is new. Do your best and your kids will love you for it and YOU will love you for it.


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