Falafel Fever

  • Prep time: 10 mins
  • Clean up time: 5 mins
  • Parent and Kid friendly
  • Price per serving: around $3

To be completely honest I am sitting writing this post eating salt and vinegar potato chips, however my WHOLE family thoroughly enjoyed these quick and easy falafels. If one of the kids doesn’t like it, just give them salt and vinegar chips, which are equally as good…

Shopping list

  • Frozen Boca Falafel (in the frozen food isle next to the frozen meat alternatives)
  • Feta – sub out if you’re vegan
  • Onion – sub out for your picky eater if necessary
  • Tzatziki (where the refrigerated hummus is)
  • Spinach – sub out for another leafy grean if you’re more of a romaine or broccoli slaw kind of family

Prep Instructions

  • Preheat the oven to 400 OR you can microwave these!
  • The falafels only need 10 mins in the oven (I don’t like to get them piping hot because my kids are piping up in the background for every min. that goes by).
  • Get your wrap/pita of choice, I used wheat and if you’re trying to do lowcarb, throw the below on a bed of greens!
  • Spread the tzatziki on the wrap (PS I told my oldest that this was ranch and he fell for it… genius right??)
  • Smoosh as many falafals that fit on your wrap
  • And top with whatever you and your little ones are into, if some kids see green it’s a hard no, so slice up some peeled cukes, or drizzle some sprinkle cheese!

The awesome thing about this recipe is that it’s super quick, healthy, plant based #ontrend, low carb, and super family friendly. Swap out, play, unravel, let them try EVERYTHING. The word “falafel” is funny enough that hopefully they’ll look forward to dabbling every once in a while.

Have a tiny little mini?

Take apart the falafel and let them join in on the fun!

Don’t forget

The more we can eat together and alike the more foods they (and we’ll experiment with) so have fun and remember… We need to stay alive, life is short, do things that are easy, save your money, and grab a glass of something, because you deserve it!

Proof that I’m not like the others… He really ate it and he really LOVED IT! PS: I did a separate charcuterie for my 1 year old which is not featured (sometimes you just know what your kids are going to eat/not eat/gotta do what you gotta do)!! If this one’s not for you and your clan, don’t worry, we have more!

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